Achieving Excellence & Innovation in Providing Compassionate Care and Consultation Services & Advancing Integrated Behavioral Health Sciences

Achieving Excellence & Innovation in Providing Compassionate Care and Consultation Services & Advancing Integrated Behavioral Health Sciences




Hello and Welcome to our online community created just for you!  It is always a pleasure to welcome new visitors and maybe not so new ones.  I feel privileged that you have chosen to spend some time with us.  Please explore the site, join in on forum discussions and feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your experience here.  You are also welcome to offer your ideas and make contributions of your own.  We encourage your full participation and review submissions for posts regularly.


Meet Dr. Eve (Evelyn Jagpat O’Halloran, Psy.D. CCARS, CDMHRS) 



Dr. Eve has a career in mental health which spans over the course of twenty years.  She is the Founder and President of Thriving Minds Institute, which is a subsidiary of Capital Area Therapeutic Science Services, PLLC.  She is also a specialist in trauma, sexual abuse, eating disorders and behavioral health sciences.  Dr. Jagpat O’Halloran also has a passion for engaging in training and supervision and writing.  She is a former Adjunct Faculty member in the Graduate School of Counseling at St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas.  She has also provided clinical supervision and training in individual and group therapy to Ph.D. candidates and psychology interns at the University of Texas, Austin, Counseling and Mental Health Center.  She is in private practice and is in the process of establishing a specialized clinic for women.  She is the author of the Psychology Orals Preparation Guide and created the online testing program.  Presently, she is writing another book related to trauma.

In addition to several other professional endeavors, Dr. Jagpat O’Halloran loves to celebrate life with music, dancing, travel and poetry.  She is currently working on a collection of poetry about a woman’s journey through spiritual and emotional pain. 

Dr. Eve currently lives in Austin, Texas with her family. 

Special Note on Charitable Donation from Sales:

 A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Psychology Oral Exam Testing Program will go to support charities and fund scholarships for those who may not be able to afford treatment for sexual trauma at her clinic.


Thriving Minds Institute™

Thriving Minds Institute is a subsidiary of Capital Area Therapeutic Science Services, PLLC, also known as CATSS™.  It is located in the beautiful capital city of Austin, Texas.  Thriving Minds Institute is dedicated to advancing training and behavioral health sciences.  It specializes in consultation, supervision, psychological and behavioral health assessment, research, writing and publishing.  It is particularly committed to enhancing quality of patient care and with helping clinicians along their path of achieving professional success.


A Word From Dr. Eve

It is not so long ago that I recall feeling lost after graduate school.  I was carefully groomed to learn my craft but what should come next?  I also remember wishing there were better tools to prepare me for licensure.  I longed for something which took my lifestyle and my real-world demands into consideration.  Seems like the EPPP preparation materials were filled with mountains of too much unnecessary information.  Did I mention the costs involved?  It was rather discouraging if not daunting.  When it came to the Oral exam, a virtual void was before me.  There was no support and I had to make it all up on my own, in terms of how to prepare and what to study.  Even when I asked others who had taken it before, they seemed lost as how to offer support.  It is from those experiences that the Psychology Oral Exam Testing Program was developed.

After licensure, there still remained the question of what was my true professional calling?  How should I approach this?  Graduate school did not seem to prepare the clinician for the real world of business, accounting, legal basics, daily operational procedures, HIPPA guidelines, insurance headaches, etc.  So, I took time to find out more and went to the “experts” to learn whatever I could.  I would like to share what I have learned with you. 

I wanted to offer a better way for others so that they would not have to go through the maze alone.  That is why I created this online community.  It is my hope that I may offer support and that together we can also create a positive community where members genuinely develop bonds and come to support and aide each other. 

I wish you every success in your endeavors and please, always remember to treat yourself gently as you go.

Dr. Eve ( Evelyn Jagpat O’Halloran  Psy.D.)


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