How To Use Our Study Program

How to Make the Best Use of Our Study Program

How to Make the Best Use of Our Study Program

Our study program has proven to be a fun, interactive and targeted way to prepare for the Psychology Oral Exam.  The study program focuses on the key content areas of the Psychology Oral Exam. 


The Online Interactive Exam Program  helps candidates to simulate an actual Oral Exam experience and to get practice responding to Oral Exam questions out loud and within given time limits.  Further, it serves to guide your study and to help you to begin to think more critically about cases.  Our exam program also features sample answers. 


The Psychology Orals Preparation Guide features discussion and summaries of key information, specific to content areas covered on the Orals.  The Study Guide and the Online Interactive Exams Program are most effective if used together.  They compliment each other. 


Those needing specific feedback, an objective assessment or coaching, may benefit from doing our Live one-on-one Mock Oral Exam.


You will also find useful links to other important information on our Exam Program website, including links to relevant Texas Mental Health Laws and Rules of the Board, as well as the APA ethics codes and codes governing practice. 


We hope this study program will enhance and enrich your preparation process, help to reduce anxiety, and help you to focus your study time.  All the best to you on your Psychology Oral Exam and on your professional path!


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