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Our products and services were designed with you in mind.  It was important to me that Thriving Minds Institute develop educational materials, testing programs and consultation services which considered not only your professional needs but also your lifestyle,  multiple roles/demands and budget.   You are not a faceless customer to us.  We recognize and honor the commitment and sacrifice you have made to reach to this point in your life and we would like to help you achieve even greater success on the way to fulfilling your dreams!

All products by Thriving Minds Institute & Dr. Evelyn Jagpat O’Halloran. Helping you to achieve your dreams as a Next Generation Psychologist and Psychology Entrepreneur!



A portion of proceeds will be donated to charities and women who may not be able to afford services at Dr. Jagpat-O’Halloran’s clinic.



It is not uncommon for most Oral Candidates to feel confused and anxious when preparing to take the oral exam.  This is often exacerbated by the lack of guidance and preparation materials which could aid in focusing time, energy and study.

Many Oral Exam Candidates Wonder:

  •  What is the Psychology Oral exam really like?
  •  How do I prepare for this?
  •          Just what am I supposed to study?
  •          How much time should I dedicate to study?
  •          How should I focus my time?
  •          Which areas should I concentrate on most?
  •          How can I practice responding orally on my own?
  •          I don’t have anyone to offer objective feedback, so how do I properly prepare?
  •          How can I study in a way that simulates the actual Oral Exam?
  •          How can I build my confidence and be ready for the pace of the actual exam?
  •          What types of questions can I anticipate being asked?
  •          How do I gain more practice conceptualizing cases?
  •          How do I gain more practice formulating treatment plans?
  •          How do I demonstrate knowledge of how to handle crisis situations?
  •          What types of ethical dilemmas will I be asked about?
  •          What are some useful test-taking strategies?


  • Focused and targeted Study Guide.
  • Interactive Online Exam Program.
  •          Online Exams feature audio to help simulate the actual Oral Exam experience.
  •          Every question offers feedback and suggestions for approaching the question.
  •          Each exam offered in 3 modes, including 2 timed modes.
  •          Study Guide addresses key content areas of the oral exam.
  •          Study Guide includes key DSM-5™ Adult diagnostic criteria/differential dx.
  •          Exams and Guide provide test-taking strategies.
  •          Learn how to conceptualize cases using vignettes.
  •          Learn how to intervene in a crisis and how to approach ethical dilemmas.
  •         Study Guide has sections on Intervention Strategies & Assessment.
  •         Crisis Management & Suicide Assessment and Intervention Strategies.
  •          Exams also address diversity issues.
  •          Can purchase 1:1 consultation time.
  •          Can purchase 1:1 Remote Mock Exam with Personalized Feedback

**  Our products are streamlined, targeted, efficient and cost effective! They are also intended to be a supplement to a more comprehensive program of study.

Psychology Oral Exam Pass Guarantee

Psychology Oral Exam Pass Guarantee


We stand behind our products 100‰.

If you study for the Texas or Oklahoma State Psychology Board Orals, for the suggested amount of time (as indicated in the manual) using our complete preparation package (Study Guide and Online Exams) and do not pass, we will give you another period of full access to the Online exam program.  We will also offer a free  1:1 consult to help you better prepare.  Proof of purchase &  notice of failure required and the actual Oral Exam must have been taken within 6 months of purchase.  Please note that you are also advised to use the DSM-5 in preparation for your exam along with other study resources.

SPECIAL NOTE:  To prepare with this study program only is not sufficient.  Our study program is meant to be used as a part of a comprehensive program of study.  It serves to guide your study and to help you to begin to think more critically about cases.  You will get practice applying what you know to actual cases vignettes.  The study program focuses on the content areas covered by the Orals.  Sample answers further guide your study and provide a sample framework of how to approach cases, work with clients, and resolve clinical, ethical and legal issues.  These answers are only a sample response and are not meant to be a definitive response.  You are encouraged to generate your own unique clinically informed answers, based on your preferred theoretical framework, clinical experiences and professional knowledge and training.

We hope this study program will enhance and enrich your existing comprehensive preparation process, and help you to focus your study.  We hope it will also help you to get the practice you need applying your knowledge to cases and responding to questions within a limited time-frame.  It is not intended to replace a more comprehensive system of study, which may include  other books, case materials and resources with specific relevance to the Orals content areas.  We also do no intend for this program to be used in isolation as your only study tool.

Try our products today and take one step closer to realizing your professional destiny!

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