Charting Your Course: After The Psychology Oral Exam

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Charting Your Course

Evelyn Jagpat, Psy.D.     09/17/2016


As you go forth on your path to passing your psychology oral exam, getting licensed and practicing independently, I wonder. As ultimate master of your own destiny, are you charting your course intentionally? Usually, it can feel like other people and institutions have been directing your professional journey thus far and in many ways, this is a reality. At this stage of your career, however, you have the wonderful opportunity to decide what you want your journey to look like and what your destination will be. In truth, plans can change or your destination can take on a different look than originally envisioned, however, that is just a reality of life in general. This does not make it any less necessary to be mindful about taking the reins of your career in your own hands.

So how do you get started or in most cases, how do you do that check in to see if you are on course and where you want to be, towards intentionally planning your professional future? Do this self-check.

Remember what got you started on this road in the first place. What was your central motivation? If this developed later, as it possibly did, what has it crystalized into. Be as concrete as possible. Here are some questions to consider and journal about. Center yourself and be as honest as possible with yourself. Allow for answers which may surprise or even shock you. This is your life and professional future. You have the power to decide what that will be. Be positive and remember you have something personally unique and special to contribute. Recognize there is no substitute for you and how effective you can be at doing what you were made to.

What motivates you to become a licensed psychologist?

What do you get out of it and what adds value to your life?

What do you want to give?

At this point in your career, after different experiences, what energizes you and gets you up and ready to start your day, as you think about your professional goals?

What would you volunteer to do or do even if no pay was involved? What truly makes you feel like you are feeding different part of your being, professionally, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually?

What adds energy and vitality to your life, professionally?

What do you find you are most interested in and would love to pursue is nothing held you back?

What would you do if you erased all fears and self-doubt?

What holds you back?

What will better prepare you?

What is one thing you can do to get back on course today or to stay intentionally on course?

What changes do you need to make?

What additional support or training may you need?

What do you want your professional career to look like in 5 years from now?

Write down a concrete plan towards achieving this. You may expand this by creating an actual Business Plan. (The internet is a wonderful resource for doing this, as is your local SBA.) Look at it weekly. Make changes and amendments at least monthly. Never keep it far from you. Recognize it is a living and breathing document and permit it to change along the way.

Above all else, have fun with this. Now is an exciting time in your life, filled with promise and opportunity. Live powerfully with intention and change the world.     Change the world psychologists

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