Mock Oral Exam With Coaching & Book

Psychology Oral Exam Coaching Session

Psychology Oral Exam Study Guide

Texas Psychology Mock Oral Exam With Feedback, Coaching & Book

  • Psychology Oral Exam Preparation Guide Book-Adults-Clinical & Counseling

  • 1 hour Mock Oral Exam Session via Skype: Simulates the real Oral Exam

  • Post Exam Feedback Session: Get feedback and pointers on how to develop better answers for each question as you go through the exam, question by question

  • Practice developing answers to exam questions which demonstrate clinical maturity and competence and which will help you to perform better on your oral exam

  • Get feedback and help with delivery and personal response style and presentation

  • Get help with calming nerves and other pointers which will help you to do your best on exam day

  •  Post Exam Coaching Session

  • Price $375.

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